Our team can create the content, do the setup, and provide all the training you need to fill your sales pipeline in 30-DAYS

85% of companies name lead generation as their top goal.

706 million businesspeople use LinkedIn.

30 days can turn your team into a prospect powerhouse.  
And 1 program will show you how. 
You likely sense there is a lot of untapped 
potential in LinkedIn and you are right. 

But making sense of how to master the tools it has to offer can be overwhelming, especially when you’re already juggling a thousand other things to keep your business going and growing. 
We get it. 

You’re busy. 

REALLY busy. 

But … 

What if someone were to come along and offer you a personalized “recipe for success” built with specific, actionable steps that would not only connect you with your ideal prospects but also show you how to build relationships with them in a way that continues to 
generate leads and fill your sales pipeline?

And … 

What if some of that work was actually done for you, freeing you up to focus on other priorities while still seeing the benefits begin to pay off?

Finally …
Would you consider $3,000 a worthy investment for directly connecting with your 25 dream prospects?
If so....
The SALES PIPELINE IGNITION PROGRAM was created with a single mission: to give companies just like yours the training, tools, guidance, and assistance to turn 30 days into an explosion of lead generation with an insider’s understanding of LinkedIn. 
  • Strategy Session with our team: we will lead and facilitate a 90-minute Kick-off & Strategy Session with you and your team. Just you, your team, and us — via Zoom. We’ll record it and send you the video file so you can study it and fill in any holes in your notes. During the session, we’ll help you define your Ideal Client Avatar so you can focus all of your future communications on your right-fit prospect.
  • Boost Your LinkedIn Profile: we’ll create a robust LinkedIn profile for you that dramatically expands your network and attracts the attention of your top prospects. We will increase your number of LinkedIn connections by applying several tools to integrate LinkedIn with your email list, calendar, etc. so you get a steady stream of new connections moving forward.
  • ​Build Your Dream 25 Prospect List: we’ll use LinkedIn’s powerful search tools to build your Dream 25 prospect list — and — we will train you on the process so you’re well equipped and can continue researching, identifying, and selecting right-fit prospects going forward.
  • ​​Build Your ROI Tracking Sheet: we’ll load your Dream 25 prospect list into what we call the “ROI Tracking Sheet” so you can measure success.
  • ​Write your InMail Message: we’ll write a customized InMail Message that you can then send to your top prospects. You’ll be able to use the InMail content over and over again to keep leads flowing into your sales pipeline. 
  • ​Build content for your New Lead Sequence: we’ll write a 6-part email sequence for your new subscribers will move them from casually interested in your content — to thoroughly engaged over 16-days. The sequence is designed to provide you with a steady stream of leads from prospects asking for your help.
  • ​Build out your LinkedIn Events / Weekly Q&A process: we’ll share with you and your team a step-by-step process for increasing your number of laser targeted 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn — and — how to schedule and host "LinkedIn Events” to create a stream of right-fit prospects looking to learn from you each week.
  • ​​Systems & Distribution Mentoring: we’ll coach you through the process of InMail distribution, how to measure results, and other time-saving / result boosting advice. We have distributed tens of thousands of InMail messages for clients — and because of that depth of expertise — we know what to watch out for and how to make it as efficient as possible. 
  • Ongoing Mentorship and Support: you’ll have unlimited email access with my team throughout the 30-day period to ensure all your questions are answered and that you’re ready to move onward with gusto!

We are offering the SALES PIPELINE IGNITION PROGRAM for $3,000.

If you’re ready today, click on the button below so we can compare calendars and get started. 

We look forward to walking alongside you and your team. 

Onward with gusto!


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