How to Market Your Way Through a Crisis

So you can come roaring out of the recession.

I will show you how companies survived—and thrived—in the last six global recessions. 


Stephen Woessner


Wednesday, May 20th, 2020, at 1pm EST

What We Will Cover

Stop Trying to 
Wing It

The companies that survived the last six recessions did so because they had a plan — they didn’t wing it. I will show you how to create and implement a planning process that takes you and your fellow leaders 24-48 hours to implement and will put you in the right position to come roaring out of this recession. But — it’s about taking action now.

Use Your 
Imaginative Skills

This is the time for you to double down on being helpful to your clients and prospects, provide new solutions, and enter new markets. But — our imaginative skills tend to be the first things we lose when we enter a crisis. I will tell you — the companies that survived and thrived during past recessions found a way to keep their imagination alive and well.

Make Progressive Decisions

The companies that came roaring out of past recessions were the ones who balanced cost cutting and efficiency-based decisions with significant investments in R&D, marketing, new equipment, and other leaps forward in their business. There is a recipe for success that can be applied to your business, too — and when you do — you’ll lead the pack when the recession ends.

Build A Position of Authority

Trust — now more than ever — is an invaluable asset you need to nurture and build with your clients and prospects. And the way to do that is to prove you are there to help and not sell…teach…advise…and share your expertise in a generous and transparent way. When you do — you will earn their trust as their go-to-expert. This is the time to build your authority position. 


Will You Be Able To Ask Questions During The Webinar?

Yes – you will be able to ask questions during the webinar. The way to do that is to email me directly at That’s my actual Inbox – no fancy filing system or filters. And I read and reply to every email. So please – send me your questions.

Will You Share A Recorded Replay Of The Session? 

Yes — when the session wraps up – we will email you a link to the replay so you and your team can review it, etc.

Will You Share Links And Citations To All The Research Sources?

Yes — they will be attached to the email that you receive after the webinar with the replay. 

About Stephen Woessner

Stephen Woessner is CEO of the agency Predictive ROI and host of the Onward Nation podcast. Stephen’s agency is built on the belief that most businesses go about sales in the least productive, most painful way possible. PROI works along side their clients to create a lead generation and sales program that is actually welcomed and often initiated by the potential buyer!

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